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Designer & Publisher Design Tools
StitchCraft has an extensive range of easy-to-use tools for designing. The Designer & Publisher Editions of StitchCraft contain all the tools in the Home Edition, plus:

The Toolbox
  • Offset Stitch
  • Vertical / Horizontal Half Stitch
  • Gradient Fill
  • Variegated Fill
  • Fractional Fill
  • Cut and Join Tool
  • Despeckle Tool
  • Additional standard Library stitches
  • Increased capacity for Custom Library Stitches
The most commonly used tools are located in the toolbox for easy use. Stitches such as full stitch, half stitch, quarter stitch, backstitch and French knots can be drawn with the stitch tools in the toolbox. Borders, centerlines, labels and text can also be added to designs.

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