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StitchCraft 2000
Creative, value packed, & absolutely fabulous!

In the largest update since its development, StitchCraft 2000 makes designing quality needlework easier than ever before. Innovative new features cover all areas of the program from design to filing.

Just one of the new features that all designers will love is the new Stitch Simulation. This feature will let you see how your design will look when sewn; view it on screen in amazingly lifelike stitches. Now your charts look great, and so does StitchCraft, with its new look that you can customize. Cosmetics are great, but mechanics are even better! Due to popular request we have replaced the Trace Over with an easy Photo Conversion feature. There’s no more waiting for large charts to draw out on screen: the new fast draw shows charts instantly. Even opening charts is easier: now, before you open a chart, you can see a preview of it. There’s so much in this new version that we’ve made a ‘What’s New’ demo, to play on your monitor as a movie. The demo shows all the new features and how to use them. It’s a great head start to full enjoyment of StitchCraft 2000.

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New Navigator
New palette features
New photo conversion feature
New material colors
New color ranges
Fun with filing
40 new designs
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