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StitchCraft 2009
Adding Stitch Text Easily!

Thanks to the feedback from those who use StitchCraft we've been busy adding new features to help make using StitchCraft even easier, faster and more efficient than ever before.

From the cool new stitch text tool to the useful command bar,
you won't want to miss out on these new features!

See below for the new features of StitchCraft 2009.


What's New and Improved?

Interface Home Des Pub
  • New Command Bar
  • Improved Paste
  •  •
  • Movable Clip-Bits when pasted
  •  •
  • Flip & Rotate Clip-Bits
  •  •
  • Stretch Pasted Objects
  • Multiple Imports
  • Links to Imports Saved
    New Tools and Features Home Des Pub
  • Stitch Text
  •  •
  • Gradient Fill
  • Print Elements Options
  • Export Elements Options
    New Ranges Home Des Pub
  • New Thread Ranges
  • Note: We're having fun in the office trying to say "Stitch Text Tool" three times fast. Try it and see how you go.
    Note 2: Just in case you were wondering what we do at Crafted Software when we're not
    programming StitchCraft ... now you know!