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Comparison of Editions

Features in the:

Save PDF Kit

  • Saves your chart into a PDF Kit which can be sent via email
  • Kit includes:
    Simulation of Chart
    - Sewing Instructions
    - Key
    - Notes & layout
    - Chart

Design Tools

  • Full stitch, half stitch, quarter stitch, backstitch, half backstitch, bargello and french knots
  • Borders and centerlines
  • Labels
  • Notes Text
  • Stitch Text for samplers
  • Save motifs for use in future charts
  • Move, copy, rotate and mirror any section of a chart
  • Colour picker
  • Stitch Colour Change tool
  • Choice of stitch styles
  • standard and custom stitch libraries
  • Remove Single Stitches tool
  • Quick Photo Conversion feature; Convert photos or pictures to cross stitch, tapestry/needlepoint n or long stitch charts automatically
  • Modify conversion options easily with Redo Conversion function
  • Imports BMP, JPEG, TIF, TGA, PCT, WMF and PCX files
  • More than 200 thread brands and ranges available for Photo Conversion


  • Up to 1000 thread colours available per chart
  • Chart with all the major and most minor thread brands (Anchor, DMC, Madeira etc..)
  • Design with over 9 thread types (Stranded Cotton, Tapestry Wool, Silk etc..)
  • Mix your own colors and match any color to closest colour in a thread brand
  • Select colours from thread brands by using the on screen shade card or enter the catalog number
  • Automatically match the colours from a thread brand to the closest colors in another brand
  • Automatically remove any unused colours from the palette when a design is completed
  • Used colors are highlighted in the palette
  • 600 Custom designed symbols
  • Change symbols at any stage of designing
  • Automatically assign dark symbols to dark colours to give good weighting to symbol charts
  • In symbol on colour mode automatically inverts symbols on dark colorus for easy reading
Chart Sizing
  • Chart sizes up to 1000 by 1000 stitches
  • Easy chart sizing by measurement (mm, cm, inch) as well as by cells
  • Chart calculator for working out the sewn size of charts using material count etc
  • Thread calculator for working out how much thread will be needed to complete a design

Chart Types

  • Customised chart types for cross-stitch, needlepoint, bargello, hardanger, long stitch, canvas, rug hooking, carpet, beading, knitting


  • Accent every 10th or 5th gridline or no accent
  • Choose from standard square grid or elongated hand knitting grid or beading
  • On screen simulation of cross stitch, tent stitch and beads
  • View designs on screen in colors, symbols, symbols on colour
  • Navigator makes it easy to move around the chart while designing
  • Preview when opening charts lets you see designs before you open them
  • Multi-Document Interface allowing you to view different charts at once
  • Command Bar for easy access to favourite tools
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel support
  • Right click menus
  • Tool Tip messages
  • Print charts in symbols, full color, symbols on colour or stampstitch
  • Print symbols at large easy-to-read sizes
  • Print Layout diagram for large charts printed over several pages
  • Print the users key made automatically for all charts
  • Select different languages to print
  • When enabled Autosave gives a reminder to save every ten minutes if you have not saved
  • Customize the StitchCraft colour scheme
  • Multiple Document Interface
  • Palette info shows total stitches in design

Documentation & Help

  • Comprehensive Help File
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • PDF Manual available from menu


Design Tools

  • Offset stitches
  • Horizontal and vertical half stitches
  • Variegated Fill Tool
  • Gradient Fill Tool
  • Fractional Fill Tool
  • Custom center lines and arrows
  • Stitch Outline
  • Extra Back Stitch styles
  • Cut & Join Tool
  • Additional standard and custom library stitch spaces
  • Multiple Paste tool
  • Despeckle Tool
  • Advanced Photo Conversion features including sepia conversion, custom number of colours and detail options
  • Trace feature for charting over pictures semi-manually
  • Custom conversion colour quantities
  • Add your own pre-saved palettes to charts during designing
  • Arrange the palette colours automatically by catalog number, stitch quantity etc.
  • Merge options for different stitch types when merging stitches of one colour into another
  • Multiple Merge feature for reducing the sewing difficulty of complex designs by merging similar colours
  • Customise thread, bead and material colors
  • 30 backstitch and bargello symbols
  • Set the size and line thickness of symbols, backstitch and bargello
  • Change the color and shading of symbols, backstitch and bargello
  • Set preferences for all aspects of symbols
Chart Sizing
  • Chart sizes up to 4000 by 4000 stitches
  • Size charts by inserting columns and rows
  • Size charts to imported pictures
  • Design resize & design scale options
  • Change the color, shading, and thickness of gridlines
  • Change the proportions for grid cells from square to any rectangular shape
  • Accent any grid line horizontally or vertically
  • Offset the starting point of the grid
  • Set preferences for all aspects of the grid
  • When viewing in symbols on color set the amount of color to show behind the symbols
  • Turn the auto invert symbols option on or off
  • Customize the palette items that show on screen
  • Print a custom copyright notice on designs
  • Specify a percentage colour wash when printing symbols on colour
  • Advanced printing settings
  • Customize the design environment
  • Set start up preferences for new charts
  • Customize the Autosave options and automatic backup copies of charts


Save PDF Kit

  • Allows you to add a receipt page for internet sale
  • Saves the kit without the last page that advertises StitchCraft
  • Option to set your own Logo
  • Option to set your business Hyperlink
  • Option to add a custom image in place of the simulation
  • Select the pages to include

Document Protection

  • Copy protection features for charts


  • Print Long Stitch layout
  • Print Long Stitch Outline


  • Export all StitchCraft chart types
  • Long Stitch layout
  • Long Stitch outline
  • Export to Desktop Publishing Programs in PDF, WMF, EPS, BMP, TIF plus more
  • Trapping and GCR options for EPS exports
  • Output in EPS for High Resolutions e.g. 1200, 2400 or 4800 dpi
  • Full four color process separation for publishing through DTP
  • Print/export as separations for spot colour
  • Colour preview options for EPS


  • Export Tapestry overlays for silkscreen printing
  • Print/export Stampstitch for silkscreen printing